Star Wars A new Ripoff the new and incredible game from EE (Electronic Entertainment) 

Only 99$ and many more incredible DLCs like Star Wars the credit screen (only 19,99$) or Star Wars the game awakens (contains start button and title screen only 3,99$) or the fan favorite "Endless Space" (adds the spacebar and shooting 25,99$)

"Game of the year 2021"     -totally real Star Wars game awards 2021

10/10 incredible graphics, fascinating story and really good music from John Williams himself     -Rock, Paper, Blaster

And now to the non sarcastic boring part:

A and D to move left and right,

Hold Spacebar to shoot

also: some of the UI gets messed up if you arnt in fullscreen mode so i would reccomend playing fullscreen

Merry Christmas or something like that (even though its not even Christmas right now) enjoy 

this game was made in the Secret Santa Jam 2021 for "notyourpenguin " 


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This is awesome Lol. I'd say it's definitely top 5 star wars video games

thank you so much :)

thanks a lot, i love the pixel art you nail it, also all the story of star wars when you die (ALL THE STORY) LOL

im so happy you liked it (i mean that was the whole purpose of the game) and im happy you liked the endscreen it took me way more time than you would think do get it working. Whats Your Highscore? (mine is 131 xD)