Hi, this is my game for the GMTK game jam.

What if ther was only one tree left on earth? And what if you had to look after it?


A and D to move

Space to shoot

shift to sprint

E to pick up

Q to drop

Hope you enjoy this little game

Edit: I released an update that fixes most of the things people didn't liked. Hope the game is more enjoyable now :) 


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its a little boring to just  grab water and give it to the tree. Everytime i get water a zombie spawns in the tree and kill me. How should i know that there is a zombie? Maybe you can increase the speed for your next game? so it was the most time just go and hope that there is no zombie outside the screen

get gud!

jk thanks for the feedback, i really don't know why a zombie spawns when you water the tree that never happened to me...

No indication I need to press enter to continue the dialog, this is some extreme music for a whole minute of weirdly changing dialogue.

died while going to grab water because what else would I do when I just killed all he zombies around the tree?

your* and there*

im really sorry, there should be an indication that you have to press enter to continue the dialogue. I really hope you could still enjoy it a little bit

How do I advance the dialogue? Clicking doesn't seem to do anything, and it won't accept my keyboard inputs except for shoot.

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you continue the dialogue with enter,  after the dialog you can move and do other stuff